Some of the Things One Should Include in the First Aid Kit

Life-threatening situations are in most cases inevitable, but the way people respond to them is of great importance. Kids are the most probable victims of emergencies because of their curious nature. For this reason, it is advisable for every parent to have a complete first aid kit at home to use in case of any emergency. However, knowing how to use the tools in the kit and the way to approach first aid requires one to look for the best first aid training Rowville has today. One of the things one is trained about is the things contained in the first aid kit and the use of each.

Adhesive bandages

Leaving scrapes and cuts uncovered is never a good idea. Adhesive bandages are most appropriate to cover scrapes and cuts with, and they come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Big bandages are good for bigger cuts while the smaller ones are essential when shaving smaller scrapes and cuts. When choosing bandages for kids, ensure you don’t choose the ones that easily rip off, but those that they can proudly wear around. You would learn more about this if you find first aid training in Rowville.

Antiseptic lotions and creams

Covering a wound with a bandage before you disinfect it would not be the right thing to do. One should first remove the germs and other microbes that would be in and around the wound. Although water, soap and salt would be used for this purpose, they won’t be as effective as the antiseptic lotions and creams would be. Using antiseptic creams is much important particularly if you regularly dress up any would that had pus.

Sterile medical tapes and gauze

Sterile medical tapes and gauze are crucial when dressing wounds, which are bleeding heavily. Wounds that bleed profusely are experienced if the injuries were bigger. Sometimes bandages are not able to cover bigger wounds. Actually, you would just need to apply antiseptic lotion onto the sterile gauze and then wrap the wound. Then you could use a tape to keep the gauze secure on the injured place. This works best for the pets and kids since they cannot remove the taped gauze easily.

Pain relievers

Backache and headaches are among the most common ailments people experience often. A good first aid kit should have effective pain relievers such as combiflam or crocin. The painkillers are not meant to get the problem away, but to ease pain before the victim sees the doctor. Where possible, you should separate the strong painkillers for the adults from the mild ones for the kids. When pain gets worse, it affects other psychological processes in the body. But relieved pain enables one to focus on their daily schedules before they get an appointment with the doctor. People who find best first aid training in VIC are well versed in the types of pain relievers they should have in the kit.

Being trained on how to apply first aid in case of emergency doesn’t always imply you are expecting something bad to happen. It only means you are careful in maintaining preventive measures. So, you should not lose any training opportunity that comes your way. More info at


Some of the Things One Should Include in the First Aid Kit